Batik Painting Kit


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Paint like a pro with this captivating batik kit! Choose your canvas – turtle, parrot, kampung house, or wau – and mix vibrant organic colors to bring them to life. Easy-to-use tools and pre-mounted canvas make for endless creative fun!



Embark on a colorful journey with this enchanting batik painting kit! Pick your favorite canvas – a friendly turtle, a majestic parrot, a charming kampung house, or a graceful wau – and let your creativity soar.

No fancy tools needed! This kit comes with everything you need: a soft brush for delicate strokes, a handy spoon for stirring colors, and a convenient palette for mixing magic. Plus, the batik canvas is beautifully mounted on a soft cardboard frame, giving you a ready-made painting surface.

Creating batik art is super fun! Learn cool patterns, mix paints to make new colors, and watch your masterpiece come to life. Every stroke boosts confidence, sparks imagination, and makes tiny hands strong. Perfect for kids and families to enjoy together!

So grab this kit, unleash your inner artist, and make batik magic happen! Share the fun with friends, paint amazing gifts, and discover the beauty of Indonesian art. Let’s go batik!

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All, Turtle, Parrot, Kampung House, Wau

19 reviews for Batik Painting Kit

  1. admin

    Not enough for 1 each. Will buy more after this. Thanks seller.

  2. admin

    Cantikkkkkkk dan best … anak suka sangattttttttttttttt

  3. admin


  4. admin

    Good nice beautiful..really cheap n my kids love it ..??

  5. admin


  6. admin

    The kid really anjoy it , thanks seller..

  7. admin


  8. admin

    best!! ?????

  9. admin

    my boy doing this at his school before But this 1 a bit small Thanks

  10. admin

    worth money

  11. admin

    dapat beli harga paling murah sekali masa sale 12.12.. laju je sampai.. barang dibungkus dengan baik.. dapat free shipping and ada diskaun voucher yang lain jugak.. thank you seller jual barang best kebaboom..

  12. admin


  13. admin

    ⭐⭐⭐ best

  14. admin

    anak sangat suka

  15. admin

    Bought during shocking sale. So cheap! Later dah siap i buy some more design hehe thanks seller. I follow you dekat ig dah ?

  16. admin

    memang terbaik

  17. admin

    Wow nice….cantik….terlajak murah….senang je nk warnakan…..menarik….boleh repeat…..terbaik

  18. admin

    Received items in good condition.

  19. admin

    Good value for money

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