Beehive Color Matching Game

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Let the buzzing begin! This adorable beehive set is a hive of fun for little ones. Match 7 colorful bees to their matching spots in the hive using the handy tweezers. Easy to grasp and perfect for busy fingers!


This charming set is perfect for little hands and curious minds. Seven friendly bees, each in a vibrant color, are ready to find their cozy homes in the honeycomb hive.

No tiny fumbling here! The chunky bees and sturdy hive are just the right size for small hands to grab and explore. And using the included tweezers adds a whole new level of fun and skill development.

As little ones match the bees to their matching hive colors, they’re busy learning and growing! Each bee brings a new color to discover, sorting skills to practice, and counting opportunities to buzz about. Plus, using the tweezers helps develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination – all while having a blast!

3 reviews for Beehive Color Matching Game

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    My son loves it

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    Cute stuff

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