Career Kids Costume Set

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Career Kids! Dress-up fun: doctor, chef, firefighter, policeman. Ages 5-8. Spark creativity, build confidence. Explore dreams!



Little hearts beat fast with Career Kids! This exciting set lets kids dive into 4 cool careers: doctor, chef, firefighter, and police officer. Each costume is packed with fun, ready to whisk your mini-hero or master chef on amazing adventures!

Dress like a pro: The cozy outfits fit ages 5-8 just right, with awesome accessories that bring each job to life:

  • Doctor: Stethoscope for checkups!
  • Chef: Hat for yummy cooking!
  • Firefighter: Helmet for brave rescues!
  • Police Officer: Badge for keeping everyone safe!

Play & Grow: These costumes aren’t just for dress-up, they’re for growing too!

  • Adventures take flight: Kids imagine stories, act out scenes, and let their creativity soar as they wear different hats.
  • Teamwork & Kindness: Sharing the fun with friends helps learn about different jobs and work together.
  • Dream Big Dreams: From saving lives to whipping up feasts, kids discover exciting possibilities for their future.
  • Confidence Boost: Each costume lets kids shine, explore their talents, and feel awesome in their own skin!

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Police, Firefighter, Chef, Doctor


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