Design and Drill

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Design & Drill! Build, learn, have fun! 144+ pieces, drill (not included). STEM skills, creativity, confidence. Ages 3+. Build anything!


This exciting construction kit for young engineers bursts with 144 colorful pieces: chunky bolts, sturdy plates, and a ready-to-rumble (batteries not included) driller. Get ready for hours of creative adventures!

With Design & Drill, tiny hands become mighty tools:

  • Build Anything! Towers, robots, spaceships – imaginations run wild! Open-ended play sparks creativity and lets kids express themselves.
  • Master Construction Skills: Drilling, screwing, connecting – every click and clack builds hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and fine motor skills.
  • Solve Problems Like a Pro: Each design challenge is a brain teaser! Kids learn to plan, adapt, and overcome obstacles, building vital problem-solving skills.
  • Unleash Creative Thinking: Colors, shapes, and endless possibilities! This open-ended kit fuels imagination and encourages storytelling.
  • Match & Pattern Fun: Sorting bolts, aligning plates, and creating repeating patterns nurtures early math skills and spatial awareness.

Design & Drill isn’t just fun – it’s learning in action!

  • Makes Learning Playful: Every drilled bolt and completed creation becomes a mini achievement, boosting confidence and a love for learning.
  • Endless Replayability: New creations every time! With countless building combinations and ever-expanding imaginations, Design & Drill grows with your child.

More than just a toy, Design & Drill is a gateway to a world of building, creating, and learning! Get your little builders ready to unleash their inner engineers and watch their confidence and skills soar with every drilled masterpiece.


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