Detective Puzzle Collection


Solve mysteries with puzzles! Extra-thick pieces, magnifying glass, fun games. In Room & In Space! Ages 3+. Unleash the detective!



Crack the case of boredom and dive into a world of mystery with the Detective Puzzle Collection! This thrilling set, available in both “In Room” and “In Space” themes, lets your little detective-in-training piece together clues and uncover hidden secrets, all while having a blast.

Here’s why this puzzle collection is a must-have for curious minds:

  • Super-Sized Fun: Extra-thick puzzle pieces are perfect for little hands to grasp and assemble, building fine motor skills along the way.
  • Eye for Detail: Sharpen those observation skills! Use the included wooden magnifying glass to scour the scene for hidden treasures and solve the puzzle.
  • Brain Buster: More than just a puzzle, this collection includes additional games and challenges to keep little minds thinking and imaginations soaring.
  • Two Worlds, Double the Fun: Choose between solving a cozy “In Room” mystery or blasting off to an “In Space” adventure – the possibilities are endless!
  • Learning Through Play: Develop problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and a love for deduction, all while having a rollicking good time!

More than just a puzzle, the Detective Collection is a gateway to a world of mystery, imagination, and endless fun! Spark your child’s curiosity, ignite their inner sleuth, and let them unravel the secrets hidden within each puzzle piece.

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