DIY Tie-Dye Kit for Kids

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DIY Tie-Dye! Pre-measured dyes, white t-shirt (choose size), safe, machine-washable. Spark creativity & unique style!



Let creativity spill like vibrant colors with our DIY Tie-Dye Kit! This magical box delivers everything your little fashionista needs to transform a plain white tee into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Choose the perfect size (S for 3-4 years old, M for 5-6 years old, or L for 7-8 years old) and get ready to dip, fold, and unleash a rainbow of artistic fun!

Tie-Dyeing Made Easy:

No need for messy mixing or complicated steps! Our pre-measured, non-toxic dyes simply need a splash of water to awaken their vibrant soul. Soaking the included cotton tee is a breeze, and the anticipation builds as colors seep into the fabric, creating mesmerizing swirls and patterns.

More Than Just Colors:

This DIY kit isn’t just about splashing on shades – it’s a gateway to unleashing kids’ inner artists. They’ll experiment with folding techniques, explore color combinations, and witness the magic of chemical reactions firsthand. Every twist and turn of the fabric becomes a creative decision, nurturing confidence and problem-solving skills along the way.

Watch the Excitement Unfold:

As the dyed tee emerges from its watery bath, revealing a unique masterpiece, prepare for squeals of delight! Seeing their creation come to life fills young hearts with pride and a sense of accomplishment. This isn’t just a tie-dye project; it’s a wearable, personalized work of art they can proudly show off to the world.

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S (3-4 years old), M (5-6 years old), L (7-8 years old)


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