Doodle Cardboard Ice Cream Stall

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Doodle & play ice cream! Cardboard stall, pre-printed images, coloring marker. Easy assemble, sparks creativity.


Welcome to the sweetest spot in town! The Doodle Cardboard Ice Cream Stall invites little creators to unleash their inner artist and whip up endless scoops of imaginative fun. This spacious playhouse (measuring 60x26x97 cm) is more than just cardboard – it’s a blank canvas for colorful dreams to come to life.

Ready, Set, Doodle!

No tools, no mess, just pure creative joy! This ice cream stall arrives ready for instant fun, with easy-to-follow instructions and no glue or tape required. Simply unfold, unleash the coloring markers, and watch little hands transform the pre-printed images into a vibrant masterpiece.

Scoops of Creative Adventures:

From swirling ice cream cones to cheeky toppings, the detailed illustrations let imaginations run wild. Each colorful creation tells a story – is it a tropical paradise with fruity flavors, a whimsical wonderland with unicorn sundaes, or a charming neighborhood shop serving up smiles? The possibilities are as limitless as their dreams.

More Than Just Fun:

The Doodle Cardboard Ice Cream Stall isn’t just a delightful play space; it’s a hidden playground for learning and development. As children color and play, they refine their motor skills, boost hand-eye coordination, and improve focus. The act of creation fosters confidence and self-expression, while the interactive play encourages social skills and storytelling.


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