USBORNE Book & Jigsaw Collection for Advance


Usborne Book & Jigsaw Collection for Advance! Dive deep into solar system, human body & periodic table! 3 sets with challenging puzzles & informative books (200-300 pcs)! Ages 6+. Order now!



Ignite your child’s passion for exploration and learning with Usborne’s captivating Book & Jigsaw Collection for Advance! This exciting series combines detailed, informative books with beautifully illustrated, challenging jigsaw puzzles, offering an immersive and engaging way to delve into fascinating topics.

Choose your adventure:

  • Blast off to the cosmic frontier with the Solar System set! Unravel the mysteries of our universe with the 200-piece jigsaw puzzle showcasing planets, asteroids, and celestial wonders. Then, delve deeper with the captivating 8-page book packed with facts and insights about our solar system.
  • Embark on a journey through the human body with the Human Body set! Piece together the intricate workings of our internal world with the 100-piece jigsaw puzzle featuring detailed illustrations of organs and systems. The accompanying 24-page book unlocks the secrets of the human body, explaining its functions in a clear and engaging way.
  • Become an element expert with the Periodic Table set! Discover the building blocks of our universe with the 300-piece jigsaw puzzle showcasing the periodic table in all its colorful glory. The accompanying book dives into the properties and fascinating stories behind each element, fueling a love for science and discovery.

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Periodic Table, Human Body, Solar System


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