Excavation Kit Collection


Dig into adventure with the Excavation Kit Collection! Unearth hidden treasures like crystals, fossils, mummies, and more! Learn about rocks, minerals, and science through hands-on fun. Each kit includes digging tools, plaster block, and more.



Spark young minds and ignite a passion for discovery with our thrilling Excavation Kit Collection! Each kit transports adventurers to different corners of the Earth, unearthing fascinating treasures hidden within a mysterious block of plaster.

The collection includes:

  • Mummies Excavation Kit: Become an Egyptologist and unearth the secrets of ancient tombs.
  • Crystal Excavation Kit: Unearth dazzling gems and learn about their unique properties.
  • Rocks and Minerals Excavation Kit: Discover the Earth’s hidden treasures and explore the world of geology.
  • Fossils Excavation Kit: Travel back in time and uncover prehistoric relics from the depths of the earth.
  • Volcano Rock Excavation Kit: Erupt with excitement as you excavate volcanic rocks and uncover the fiery forces of nature.

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Rocks & Minerals, Volcanic Rocks, Fossils, Crystals, Egyptian Mummy


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