Factivity’s Science Kit & Book Collection

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Factivity kits & books! Sharks, volcanoes, body, rocks. Hands-on fun, science learning. Ages 6+. 4 exciting bundles to choose from!



Spark a lifelong love of learning with Factivity’s captivating collection of science kits and books! Each engaging set combines hands-on exploration with informative reading, providing hours of educational fun for curious minds of all ages.

Dive into the Depths of Knowledge:

  • Factivity Sharks: Build your own fearsome great white shark with the included plaster mold and paint, then delve into the fascinating world of sharks through the 16-page book. Learn about their incredible senses, powerful jaws, and vital role in the ocean ecosystem.
  • Factivity Volcanoes: Erupt in excitement with this kit! Mix the included ingredients and modeling clay to create a bubbling volcano, then explore the science behind these awe-inspiring natural wonders in the accompanying book. Discover different types of eruptions, plate tectonics, and the power of the Earth’s core.
  • Factivity Human Body: Assemble a 17-piece skeleton model to learn about the amazing inner workings of the human body!  The detailed book guides young explorers through bones, muscles, organs, and all the incredible systems that keep us moving and thriving. ‍
  • Factivity Rocks & Minerals: Uncover the hidden treasures of the Earth with this starter kit! Examine beautiful rock and mineral samples, then journey through the 16-page book to learn about their formation, types, and uses. Discover sparkling crystals, shimmering gems, and the fascinating stories held within each stone.

More Than Just Play:

Factivity kits and books aren’t just toys; they’re gateways to scientific discovery! Each set:

  • Boosts Confidence: Hands-on activities build independence and problem-solving skills.
  • Ignites Curiosity: Engaging books spark a love of learning and inspire further exploration.
  • Fosters Creativity: Open-ended projects encourage imagination and unique expression.
  • Makes Learning Fun: Transform science into an exciting adventure filled with laughter and discovery.

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Human Body, Volcanoes, Sharks, Rocks and Minerals


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