Father’s Day Crafts


Craft Dad’s heart! This preschool-friendly Art & Craft Set includes pre-cut materials for frames, badges, medals, and more – perfect for creating unique, personalized gifts that celebrate Father’s Day. Easy to use, fun for parents & kids, and overflowing with love!



This Father’s Day, let your little artist unlock their creativity with the Dad’s Day Masterpiece: Preschool Art & Craft Set! This charming kit empowers tiny hands to craft personalized surprises that celebrate Dad with boundless love and imagination.

From crafting bespoke picture frames for Dad’s most cherished memories to assembling gleaming badges declaring him the ‘World’s Greatest Dad’, the options are endless.

More than just a craft, this kit builds:

  • Fine motor skills: Cutting, gluing, and assembling develop dexterity and coordination.
  • Self-expression: Encourage children to channel their creativity and personalize their artwork.
  • Parent-child connection: Share precious moments and strengthen your bond through collaborative crafting.
  • Pride and accomplishment: Watching their creation come to life boosts children’s confidence and self-esteem.

But the magic doesn’t stop there! This set is a versatile companion for birthdays, grandparents’ day, or simply expressing love and appreciation any time of year.

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Frame-Superdad, Frame-Dad's Girl, Frame-Good Time, Frame-I Love Dad, Badge-I Love You, Badge-Best Dad, Badge-Dad's Boy, Badge-Dad's Girl, Medal-No 1, Medal-Superdad, Medal-Dad's Boy, Trophy-Blue, Trophy-Red


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