Giant Tub of Craft

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500+ craft pieces in 1 jar! Paper, yarn, scissors, pom-poms, beads & more! Spark imaginations, build skills! Ages 3+.


Dive into a boundless world of creativity with this Giant Tub of Craft! Packed with over 500 pieces, it’s your one-stop shop for endless hours of art and craft adventures.

What’s inside?:

  1. Colorful corrugated paper: Cut, tear, and build with 4 sheets of vibrant paper!
  2. Tangled skein of creativity: Unwind 5 meters of yarn for weaving, wrapping, and creating unique designs!
  3. Safe and sharp scissors: Made for little hands, these children’s scissors let imaginations take flight.
  4. Sparkly foam stickers: Add instant pizzazz with a bag of glittery and textured stickers!
  5. Popsicle stick wonders: Build, glue, and invent with 50 popsicle sticks – the possibilities are endless!
  6. Glittery pom-poms galore: 50 shimmering pom-poms add texture, fun, and a touch of sparkle to any project.
  7. Sequin secrets: Mix and match colorful sequins to create dazzling details and patterns.
  8. Feathery friends: 12 fluffy feathers inspire whimsical crafts and playful costumes.
  9. Foam letter fun: Spell out names, messages, and anything else your heart desires with 5 grams of colorful foam letters.
  10. Bend and shape: 50 bendy pipe cleaners become magical creatures, jewelry, and anything else you can imagine!
  11. Beady brilliance: String, glue, or sew with 14 grams of colorful beads for adding unique textures and pops of color.
  12. Googly giggles: 30 googly eyes bring your creations to life with hilarious expressions and personality.
  13. Sticker surprises: One mystery sticker adds an extra dash of excitement to every crafting adventure.
  14. Snap and play: 20 colorful plastic buckles are perfect for fastening, building, and creating secure closures.

All bundled in a handy reusable jar! Keep the crafting chaos contained and make cleanup a breeze.

Spark imaginations, boost creativity, and nurture artistic confidence with the Giant Tub of Craft! This open-ended kit is perfect for ages 3 and up, providing endless opportunities for individual expression and collaborative fun.

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