Junior Bath Bomb Lab

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Make the bath bomb with Junior Bath Bomb Lamb. Perfect for kids, great gift, STEM learning & creativity!


Become a bath bomb scientist with the Junior Bath Bomb Lab! This kid-friendly kit empowers you to mix, mold, and fizz your way! It’s an exciting blend of fun and learning, perfect for sparking creativity and exploring science at home.

Get Hands-On & Create! Follow the simple instructions to blend ingredients like citric acid, baking soda, and colorful spices. Choose your favorite mold, pour the mixture, and watch as it sets! The fizzy explosion in the tub is just the beginning of the fun!

More Than Just Fun: This isn’t just a craft activity; it’s a STEM adventure! Kids discover the science behind the fizz while engaging their senses and exploring colors, scents, and textures. It’s an enriching experience for young minds, encouraging problem-solving and creative thinking.

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