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Usborne The Why Series! Interactive books answer burning questions about sleep, stars, death, snow, animals & more! Fun flaps, simple text & engaging illustrations spark curiosity & learning! Ages 3+. Shop now!



Unleash a lifetime love of learning with Usborne’s captivating “The Why Series”! These vibrant, interactive books are designed to answer even the biggest, wackiest questions little minds have about the world around them. With simple text, engaging illustrations, and over 30 flaps per book, each captivating title takes your child on a wondrous journey of discovery.

Explore a Universe of “Whys”:

  • What is Sleep? Dive into the dreamy world of slumber, peeking at nocturnal animals, exploring sleep cycles, and discovering why we yawn.
  • What are Stars? Journey into the cosmos, learning about different star types, constellations, and even the vastness of space.
  • Why do Things Die? This gentle book helps children understand the cycle of life and death in a comforting and age-appropriate way.
  • What is Snow? Uncover the magic of snowflakes, how snow forms, and the science behind winter wonderlands.
  • Why do Tigers have Stripes? Explore the fascinating world of animal adaptations, learning why tigers have stripes, penguins have feathers, and owls have amazing eyesight.
  • Why do we Need Bees? Discover the incredible importance of bees in our ecosystem, how they pollinate flowers, and why we should protect these buzzing buddies.

More than just answers, these books offer:

  • Interactive Learning: Flaps, tabs, and hidden surprises keep little hands and minds engaged, making learning fun and exciting.
  • Simple Explanations: Complex concepts are broken down into bite-sized pieces, perfect for young readers to understand.
  • Vivid Illustrations: Eye-catching artwork brings the world to life and ignites imaginations.
  • Curiosity-Driven Play: Encourage a lifelong love of asking questions and discovering the world around them.

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Why Tigers Has Stripes?, What is Snow?, Why Things Die?, What Are Stars?, Why Do We Need Bees?, What is Sleep?


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