Storybook Torch Projects Bedtime Adventures

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Make bedtime a magical journey with the Kid’s Storybook Torch! This innovative tool lets you weave stories and create a peaceful sanctuary, all in one.

Dive into Bedtime Tales: Switch to story mode and unlock 8 timeless classics, from Pinocchio’s soaring adventures to Thumbelina’s tiny world. Each story unfolds through 8 captivating illustrations projected onto walls or ceilings, sparking your child’s imagination and filling them with wonder.

Tranquil Night Glow: When it’s time to wind down, simply switch to night mode. The torch transforms into a mesmerizing nightlight, projecting a soothing starry galaxy onto the ceiling. This gentle glow creates a calming atmosphere, making bedtime snuggles even more special.

No Hassle, Pure Magic: With 8 unique stories to explore, your child will never run out of bedtime magic. Plus, the automatic 15-minute shut-off ensures a gentle fade-out, lulling your little one to sleep. And thanks to its portable and lightweight design, story time and cozy nightlights can happen anywhere!

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  • Set comes with a portable, lightweight torchlight/ night lamp and 8 films of different stories
  • This tool can be turn into dual mode; story mode and night mode
  • For story mode, each film featuring 8 images that tells related story through projection to the wall/ ceiling
  • The title for the stories are; Pinnochio, Thumbelina, The Happy Prince, The Enormous Turnip, Cinderella, I Want To go Space, The Gingerbread Man, The Boy who Cried W
  • For each stories, it has 8 images that relates to the story line
  • For the nightlight mode, night galaxy projection is available
  • It has auto 15 minutes shutdown to keep your child company to sleep

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