Kumon First Steps Workbook

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Make learning fun for ages 2+ with Kumon First Steps! 12 interactive books in 4 themes (folding, coloring, stickers, cutting) boost motor skills, problem-solving, and a love for learning!


Ready to unlock a world of playful learning for your little one? The Kumon First Steps Workbooks are here to help! This exciting set of 12 interactive books (perfect for busy bees aged 2+) offers a delightful mix of sensory exploration, creative expression, and early skill development.

Four colorful themes ignite different interests:

  • Fold & Fly! Unfold a wonderland of creativity with playful folding activities that boost hand-eye coordination and spatial thinking.
  • Color the Rainbow! Unleash artistic flair and color recognition through vibrant coloring exercises.
  • Stick & Play! Encourage problem-solving and fine motor skills as children discover the joy of stickers and pasting activities.
  • Snip & Snap! Develop precision and dexterity while learning about shapes and sizes through engaging cutting exercises.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! Each workbook also offers valuable learning opportunities:

  • Early Learning Concepts: Introduce shapes, colors, and basic vocabulary in a fun and interactive way.
  • Motor Skills Boost: Enhance hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and bilateral coordination through engaging activities.
  • Problem-Solving & Creativity: Nurture critical thinking skills and encourage creative exploration through open-ended activities.
  • Independent Learning: Foster a sense of accomplishment and build confidence as children complete activities at their own pace.

Kumon First Steps Workbooks are designed to meet the developmental needs of young children while nurturing a lifelong love for learning through play. For parents seeking engaging and educational tools to support their child’s early development, this collection is a perfect choice!


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