Life & Reproduction for Kids


  • Where Willy Went: Join Willy the sperm on a hilarious race for life’s ultimate prize! Learn about reproduction with playful fun and spark curious conversations.
  • Amazing You!: Celebrate your amazing body with this honest and informative guide! Discover clear answers about birth, differences, and more. Grow confident and empowered!


Spark curious minds and cultivate understanding with Where Willy Went and Amazing You!, a dynamic duo of children’s books that unveil the mysteries of life in charming and age-appropriate ways.

Where Willy Went:

  • Follow Willy, a spunky sperm on a thrilling race, outswimming millions to reach the ultimate prize: a magical egg.
  • Laughter bubbles up as Willy’s journey unfolds, introducing the concept of reproduction with playful humor and vibrant illustrations.
  • More than just giggles, Willy’s quest ignites curiosity and opens doors for gentle conversations about life’s beginnings.

Amazing You!:

  • Embrace honesty and warmth with Amazing You!, a treasure trove of clear and accurate information about bodies, birth, and differences between girls and boys.
  • Written with sensitivity and respect, the book empowers young minds to understand their amazing bodies and celebrate the miracle of life.
  • From puberty to growing families, Amazing You! encourages open communication and fosters positive self-image.

Together, these books offer:

  • A playful and informative approach to complex topics.
  • A foundation for open and honest conversations about bodies and relationships.
  • Empowerment for children to understand and appreciate their unique selves.
  • A springboard for building empathy and celebrating diversity.

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