Usborne Look Inside Space

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Lift flaps, explore space! Fun facts, engaging art, ages 3+. Spark curiosity, ignite imaginations! Blast off!


Unleash your little voyager’s space dreams with “Lift the Flap See Inside Space”! This exciting book, packed with over 70 interactive flaps and stunning pictures, invites curious kids (ages 4+) to explore the universe, page by page.

Here’s the cosmic fun:

  • Peek inside! Galaxies sparkle, planets zoom, even land on the moon! Flaps reveal surprises, keeping minds busy and imaginations soaring.
  • Learn & play! Discover stars, rockets, astronauts – simple words and bright pictures make space learning exciting!
  • Touch & explore! Lift flaps, unfold pages, peek through windows – space adventures come alive with every touch.
  • Blast off imagination! Build rockets, dream of Mars – this book ignites a love for space and endless cosmic voyages.
  • Perfect for little explorers! Sturdy flaps, engaging words, and captivating pictures make “Lift the Flap See Inside Space” ideal for curious minds 4 and up. It’s a rocket ride to learning and discovery!

More than a book, this is a gateway to a universe of wonder! Spark your child’s curiosity, ignite their passion for science, and let them explore the cosmos, one flap at a time!


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