Miles Kelly Encyclopedia Collection


12 captivating encyclopedias! Dinosaurs, space, animals & more! Over 300 pages of fun facts & stunning visuals! Spark curiosity!



Open a Universe of Knowledge with the Miles Kelly Encyclopedia Collection!

Dive into 12 captivating worlds, with over 300 pages brimming with facts, stunning visuals, and endless curiosity!

Unlock comprehensive insights into key subjects:

  • Dinosaurs: Roar with prehistoric giants! Discover bone-crushing bites, feathery friends, and the mysteries of their reign.
  • Knowledge: Expand your mind with a kaleidoscope of facts! From ancient civilizations to outer space, explore the wonders of the world.
  • Life: Unravel the secrets of living things! From tiny bugs to towering trees, journey through the incredible web of life.
  • Sharks: Plunge into the ocean’s depths! Unmask the amazing power and fascinating lives of these underwater predators.
  • Earth: Dig deep into our planet’s story! Explore towering mountains, bubbling volcanoes, and the forces that shape our world.
  • Animals: Meet furry friends, scaly creatures, and everything in between! Discover amazing adaptations and the vibrant tapestry of animal life.
  • History: Travel back in time! Uncover ancient empires, daring discoveries, and the stories that shaped our past.
  • Space: Blast off on a cosmic adventure! Explore twinkling stars, distant planets, and the mysteries of the universe.
  • Body: Get to know your amazing machine! From beating hearts to wiggling toes, discover the wonders of the human body.
  • Bugs: Don’t be squeamish! Explore the hidden world of creepy crawlies and learn about their vital role in our ecosystem.
  • Birds: Take flight with feathered friends! Unravel the secrets of their songs, soaring journeys, and incredible adaptations.
  • Science: Unlock the secrets of the universe! From bubbling potions to crackling electricity, discover the magic of science in action.

More than just books, the Miles Kelly Encyclopedia Collection is a passport to endless discovery! Ignite a love for learning, fuel imaginations, and empower young minds to explore the world around them.

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