Miles Kelly Junior Collection

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5 captivating books! Fun facts, questions & answers, animals, science, & more! Colorful pictures & activities fuel curiosity! Ages 5+.



Spark young minds with this captivating 5-book collection, bursting with amazing facts on everything from space to spelling!

  • Junior Encyclopedia: Blast off on a knowledge adventure! Explore space, science, history, and the natural world through vivid pictures, clear text, and fun facts. Captions, annotations, and special panels make learning a thrilling journey.
  • Junior Dictionary & Thesaurus: Master words like a pro! This clear, colorful guide helps children check spelling, build vocabulary, and polish grammar skills. Pictures and illustrations bring definitions and examples to life.
  • First Questions and Answers: Get ready for “why?” and “how?”! Unravel mysteries about the world, from animals to science, with engaging questions and clear answers. Pictures and photos offer further understanding.
  • Junior Dictionary: Boost reading confidence! This age-appropriate resource helps children check spelling, build vocabulary, and improve grammar. Colorful illustrations and pictures make learning fun and engaging.
  • My Fun Book of Question & Answers: Feed curious minds! Discover fascinating answers about animals, plants, the human body, oceans, science, and more. Kids will love the illustrations, photos, cartoons, and interactive activities that encourage further exploration.

More than just books, the Miles Kelly Junior Collection is a gateway to endless discovery! Ignite a love for learning, build confidence, and empower young minds to explore the world around them.

Perfect for ages 5 and up, this collection is a valuable resource for early learning, school projects, and simply satisfying a thirst for knowledge!

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Junior Encyclopedia, Junior Dictionary & Thesaurus, Junior Dictionary, My First Q&A Book, My Fun Q&A Book


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