Creative Playdough Mats


Let imaginations take flight with 10 awesome playdough mats! Each one offers a fun starting point, from a friendly train to a starry night sky. Kids can add their own creative twists with colorful playdough (sold separately, safe & fun for little hands!).



Open a treasure chest of imaginative fun with these amazing Playdough Fun Mats! This set features 10 vibrant, laminated mats, each designed to spark endless creative possibilities.

Get ready for adventures! Build a bustling city on the cityscape mat, explore a deep-sea world on the ocean mat, or send a colorful train chugging across the tracks. But these mats are just the beginning! The simple designs encourage open-ended play, letting kids add their own unique touches with bright, squishy playdough (available separately).

So grab some safe, kid-friendly playdough made from natural ingredients (flour, salt, food coloring, and water), and let the fun unfold! As little hands squish, roll, and press, they’ll be strengthening fine motor skills, unleashing creativity, and boosting problem-solving abilities. Plus, the sensory play experience is fantastic for early development.

These Playdough Fun Mats are more than just mats – they’re invitations to build worlds, tell stories, and explore endless possibilities. So ditch the screens and let imaginations soar! Order your set today and watch the creative sparks fly!

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Playdough mat & handcrafted playdough, 10 creative playdough mat, 5 colored handcrafted playdough


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