Reusable Jelly Sticker Book

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Stick-N-Play! Portable jelly sticker book with reusable stickers for endless on-the-go fun! Boost creativity, imagination & development through themed scenes & sticky play. Perfect for ages 3+! Order yours today!



Sticky adventures await! Stick-N-Play is the pocket-sized playground for your little explorer. This mini marvel explodes with creativity, packed with reusable jelly stickers ready for endless play on the go.

Small hands, big stories:

  • Stick ’em, peel ’em, stick again! These squishy friends love joining new adventures, letting kids create and recreate scenes all day long.
  • Supermarket, playground, my house? Each book boasts a different themed sticker set, fueling imaginations big and small.
  • Walls, windows, even themselves! These special stickers stick to more than just paper, letting little artists transform their world (safe and silly!).
  • Fits right in! Toss Stick-N-Play in any bag and say goodbye to boredom in waiting rooms, car rides, or anywhere creativity needs a boost.
  • More than just sticky fun! Playing with Stick-N-Play helps little ones develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and even language skills as they tell stories with their squishy pals.

Give your child the gift of portable creativity with Stick-N-Play! Order yours today and watch their tiny world come to life, one sticky masterpiece at a time!

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Playground, My House, Vehicles, My Body, Supermarket


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