Wooden Rainbow Nesting Box Set

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6 Rainbow Nesting Boxes! Stack, nest, build stories. Colorful, natural wood, great for toddlers.


Step into a magical world of vibrant hues and captivating shapes with our Rainbow Nesting Box! This stunning set of 6 nesting boxes, each adorned with a cheerful rainbow color, promises hours of joyful exploration and developmental wonder for curious minds of all ages.

Nesting Fun, Big and Small:

From the largest, sturdiest box to the tiniest, snuggle-worthy treasure, watch little hands delight in the satisfying act of nesting these colorful companions. Size comparisons, color recognition, and spatial reasoning blossom with each playful fit, making stacking and unstacking a thrilling adventure.

Open-Ended Imagination Takes Flight:

Beyond the confines of nesting, these whimsical boxes transform into castles for toy knights, cozy homes for cherished dolls, and secret hiding places for tiny treasures. Each vibrant hue sparks creative storytelling, while the smooth, natural wood invites open-ended play and endless possibilities.

More Than Just Playthings:

These captivating boxes are more than just colorful companions; they’re stepping stones on the path to early learning. They nurture fine motor skills through grasping and stacking, strengthen problem-solving abilities with each nesting challenge, and encourage imaginative play that fuels self-expression and confidence.


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