Science Comics Series

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Unleash a love for science! Science Comics brings complex topics like dinosaurs, volcanoes, and the solar system to life with engaging graphic novels for ages 6+. Fun & factual learning for everyone!


Ever wonder what dinosaurs stomped like? Or how stars twinkle? Or why volcanoes erupt? Blast off with Science Comics and unlock the universe one thrilling comic at a time!

Science Comics are graphic novels that make learning about science a total blast! Think vibrant illustrations, hilarious jokes, and true-to-life facts all wrapped up in an exciting story. And guess what? These adventures are for everyone, from wide-eyed kids to curious grown-ups!

Ready to dive into a mind-boggling array of topics? We’ve got you covered!

  • Animal Kingdom: Explore the fascinating worlds of sharks, whales, even tiny microbes!
  • Nature’s Playground: Trek through towering forests, plunge into the ocean depths, and beyond!
  • Engineering Whizzes: Discover the marvels of bridges, rockets, and even meet history’s coolest inventors!
  • Cosmic Countdown: Embark on a space adventure with the solar system, launch your own rocket, and train like a real astronaut!

And that’s just the tip of the spaceship! New Science Comics land like meteors, constantly expanding your universe of exploration.

Here’s why Science Comics rule:

  • Award-winning awesomeness: Educators love them, readers adore them, and Science Comics have even grabbed prestigious awards like the Eisner and Glyph!
  • Learning that sticks: With hilarious humor and accurate science facts, these graphic novels make learning fun and unforgettable.
  • STEM Spark: Science Comics ignite a love for science and inspire future generations of curious minds to explore the world’s wonders.

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