Sensory Color Bowls

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4 Color Bowls & Pom Poms! Match colors, grasp with tweezers. Fun & learning for toddlers. Sensory & fine motor skills.


Dive into a world of vibrant discovery with our enchanting Sensory Color Bowls! This captivating set includes four colorful bowls, each boasting a cheerful hue, along with a playful pack of fluffy pom poms and two easy-to-grip tweezers. Get ready for giggles, learning, and sensory exploration as little hands embark on a rainbow adventure!

Color Matching Magic:

Watch little minds blossom as they embark on a color quest! Encourage sorting and matching the pom poms to their corresponding bowls, nurturing early color recognition and cognitive skills. Arrange the bowls in vibrant rainbows, create playful patterns, or mix and match for a burst of sensory fun.

Fine Motor Skills Take Flight:

These Sensory Color Bowls aren’t just about colors; they’re about honing tiny skills! Grasping pom poms with the tweezers strengthens hand-eye coordination and dexterity, laying the foundation for future writing and other essential skills. Every playful pinch and grasp fuels fine motor development, making learning a delightful adventure.

Sensory Symphony:

Beyond the visual feast, these colorful bowls offer a tactile treat. Soft, fluffy pom poms invite curious fingers to explore, while the smooth curves of the bowls provide a comforting counterpoint. Each interaction awakens sensory awareness and ignites a love for learning through touch and play.

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