Shrinky Dinks Craft Kit

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Shrinky Dinks Craft Kit! Shrink your kids’ drawings into adorable charms, keychains, & more! 5 shrink paper sheets, tools, & free tracing pictures. Easy to use, endless creative possibilities! Shop now & shrink big fun!


Unleash mini-sized masterpieces with this magical Getbusybyiman Shrinky Dinks Craft Kit! Five translucent sheets of shrink paper become a limitless canvas for endless creative possibilities.

More than just crafts, this set offers:

  • Endless creative possibilities: From charms and keychains to jewelry and ornaments, the possibilities are as limitless as your kids’ imaginations.
  • Personalization made easy: Every drawing becomes a unique masterpiece, personalized with their own colors and designs.
  • Simple and fun to use: Color, bake, and shrink – it’s that easy! Even young hands can create impressive mini-wonders.
  • Developmental benefits galore: Spark creativity, boost fine motor skills, and nurture a love for self-expression through artistic exploration.


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