Usborne Peep Inside Collections

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Unfold enchanting bedtime adventures! 6 Usborne Peep Inside books (flaps & fun!) explore zoos, animals, nights, dinos, gardens & farms. Perfect for toddlers & preschoolers!



Get ready for tiny worlds brimming with wonder! The Usborne Peep Inside Collections let curious toddlers and preschoolers embark on six enchanting adventures, each tucked into a captivating little book.

Choose your favorites:

  • Peep Inside the Zoo: Roar into a bustling animal kingdom with playful flaps that reveal playful pandas, towering giraffes, and cheeky monkeys!
  • Peep Inside Animal Homes: Burrow into cozy shelters, from fluffy bird nests to beehives buzzing with activity. Discover where all our animal friends sleep!
  • Peep Inside Night Time: Unfold the starry curtain of night and peek at owls hooting, bats flitting, and fireflies illuminating the darkness.
  • Peep Inside Dinosaurs: Stomp back in time and meet mighty dinosaurs! Lift the flaps and roar with T-Rex, tiptoe with stegosaurus, and soar with pterodactyls!
  • Peep Inside the Garden: Explore a vibrant world teeming with ladybugs, busy bees, and colorful blooms. Watch caterpillars munch and butterflies flutter!
  • Peep Inside the Farm: Moo, cluck, and oink your way through the farmyard! Lift the flaps and meet friendly cows, fluffy sheep, and mischievous chicks.

More than just bedtime stories, these interactive books:

  • Spark curiosity and ignite imaginations with adorable peek-through flaps.
  • Encourage language development through playful stories and engaging questions.
  • Foster bonding and interaction as you share the surprises hidden within each page.

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The Zoo, Animal Homes, Night Time, Dinosaurs, The Garden, The Farm


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