Volcano Eruption Kit

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Erupting volcano fun! Science tools, ingredients, instructions. Ages 8+, STEM learning, messy play. Spark curiosity!


Budding scientists will erupt with excitement with this thrilling Volcano Eruption Kit! It’s packed with everything needed to create bubbling, fizzing volcanic fun – sparking curiosity, learning, and endless imagination.

Inside the Box of Bubbling Brilliance:

  • Mighty Volcano: A towering centerpiece for your little explorer’s volcanic playground, ready to rumble with every experiment!
  • Essential Tools: Beaker, syringe, spoon, stirrer, even safety goggles – everything for safe and thrilling exploration.
  • Explosive Ingredients: Sodium bicarbonate and citric acid – the secret formula for erupting magic!
  • Clear Instructions: Easy-to-follow pictures guide your young volcanologist through each step of their bubbling adventure.

More Than Just Fun, This Kit Ignites:

  • Curiosity: Every fizz, every rumble fuels the desire to understand the science behind the magic.
  • Thinking Skills: Problem-solving blossoms as little scientists explore cause and effect, concocting and perfecting their eruptions.
  • Scientific Learning: Witnessing pressure build and reactions unfold sparks an understanding of basic chemical principles.
  • Confidence: Successful eruptions (and messy clean-ups!) boost self-esteem and encourage further exploration.


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