What If You Had Animal Parts

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Nine silly & engaging books! Imagine animal features! Explore anatomy with laughter & facts! Perfect for curious kids 3+ & family fun! Order now & discover the animal kingdom


This captivating set of 9 books, bursting with playful illustrations and engaging facts, invites kids to imagine having amazing animal features! Discover the secrets of furry ears, powerful legs, and even glowing eyes while comparing them to our own.

Why families love this wild adventure:

  • Adventures Await: Each book ignites imaginations and sparks curiosity.
  • Learning Through Laughter: Hilarious artwork makes exploring animal anatomy an absolute blast, keeping kids glued to the page.
  • Perfect for Little Zoologists: Packed with fascinating facts and accessible information, these books cater to curious minds.

From the nimble feet of a cheetah to the sticky tongue of a frog, each book in the series explores a unique animal part and its amazing capabilities. Add a touch of wild wonder to your bookshelf and unlock a world of endless learning and laughter!


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