Wooden Rainbow Peg Dolls Set

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12 Wooden Rainbow Peg Dolls for open-ended play, storytelling, & skill development. Safe, eco-friendly, & vibrantly hand-painted.


Meet your child’s new imaginative companions! Our vibrant set of 12 Wooden Rainbow Peg Dolls is ready to unlock a world of endless creative play. Crafted from natural wood and painted with safe, non-toxic colors, each little friend arrives with a cheerful smile and a boundless spirit.

Embrace Open-Ended Adventures:

These charming dolls aren’t just cute faces – they’re gateways to endless possibility. Watch little hands stack, sort, and count them, learning vital skills through joyful play. Arrange them on shelves, nestle them within dollhouses, or let them join imaginative tea parties and grand adventures. No script is needed, just sparks of imagination!

Spark Creativity Across Ages:

As your child grows, so too does the play potential of these little wooden wonders. Older children can transform them into quirky characters, crafting costumes from scraps and ribbons to bring their stories to life. The smooth, natural wood invites creativity, inspiring artistic expression and fostering a love for crafting.

Safety & Sustainability:

We believe play should be worry-free and kind to the planet. Our peg dolls are handcrafted from sustainable wood and painted with non-toxic colors, ensuring safe exploration for even the tiniest hands. Each doll bears the unique marks of nature and hand-painting, making them truly one-of-a-kind companions.

More Than Just Dolls:

These Wooden Rainbow Peg Dolls are more than just toys; they’re invitations to explore, create, and connect. They’re stepping stones on the path to creative confidence, tools for social and emotional development, and cherished companions for growing imaginations.


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