Wooden Tracing Board


Wooden tracing board! Etched with capital and small letters, numbers and shapes. Fun & learning. Safe, natural wood. Ages 3+.



Ignite a love for learning and unleash boundless creativity with our enchanting Wooden Tracing Board! This versatile wonder, crafted from sustainable wood, offers two sides of boundless fun:

Guided Strokes Towards Mastery:

One side boasts playful grooves of letters, numbers, and lines, gently guiding little hands as they trace and discover. Each stroke strengthens fine motor skills, paving the way for confident writing in the future. Memory leaps forward as etched lines become familiar friends, aiding in the effortless recall of letter and number shapes.

More Than Just Play:

The Wooden Tracing Board is a treasure trove of developmental benefits, nurturing confidence as children master each trace and celebrate their unique abilities. It fosters independence, allowing them to explore at their own pace and embrace the joy of self-discovery.

Crafted with Care, Made to Last:

This heirloom-quality board is built to endure countless adventures. Smooth, child-friendly wood pampers small hands, while rounded corners offer peace of mind for parents.

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Uppercase and Lowercase Alphabet, Numbers and Lines, Add Beans


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