XL Water Canvas Collection


XL Water Canvas! Huge doodle mat, reusable water pens, mess-free fun for kids 3+. Perfect gift!



Say goodbye to messy crayons and endless paper scraps! The XL Water Canvas Collection is here to ignite your child’s imagination with endless, mess-free fun. This innovative doodle mat is big enough for 2-3 kids to play together, perfect for fostering collaboration and social skills.

Hours of Creative Exploration:

  • Vibrant Learning Adventures: Dive into captivating scenes like space journeys, jungle explorations, and farmyard fun! Each scene features engaging details and hidden surprises to spark curiosity and inspire storytelling.
  • Reusable Magic: No markers, no mess! Simply fill the magic pens with water and watch vibrant colors appear as your child draws. Within 10 minutes, the water evaporates, leaving the canvas clean and ready for a new masterpiece.
  • Nurturing Development: More than just fun, the XL Water Canvas Collection helps children develop essential skills. Drawing on the mat strengthens fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and creative thinking.
  • Clean & Safe Play: Say goodbye to stained walls and floors! The water-based pens and waterproof mat keep playtime mess-free. Plus, the canvas is non-toxic and safe for even the youngest artists.

Take the Fun Anywhere:

This lightweight, foldable canvas is a dream come true for parents on the go. Whether you’re traveling, waiting at appointments, or enjoying a quiet afternoon at home, the XL Water Canvas Collection keeps little hands entertained for hours.

Packed with Value:

Your XL Water Canvas Collection comes with everything for endless creative adventures:

  • Aqua Magic Doodle Mat: Large enough for multiple artists!
  • 3 Magic Pens: Fill with water for vibrant, mess-free drawing.
  • 8 Stencils: Create fun shapes and patterns with ease.
  • 3 Stamps: Add adorable animal friends to your artwork.
  • 1 Roller: Fill in large areas with vibrant color.
  • 1 Stamp Platform: Easily use your stamps for detailed designs.

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Space, Dinosaur, Alphabet


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