Zingo Early Learning Games

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Zingo! Fun & learning! Telling time, numbers, sight words. Ages 4+. Develop skills, spark joy! 3 exciting games to choose from!



Zingo Early Learning Games aren’t just fun – they’re a gateway to exciting educational adventures for little minds! These captivating games combine joyful play with essential skill development, making learning feel like a delightful game!

Every Zingo game boasts:

  • Simple Rules, Big Fun: Easy-to-follow gameplay ensures even the youngest explorers can jump right in and start enjoying the challenge.
  • Skill-Building Adventures: Choose from Telling Time, Numbers, or Sight Words to nurture specific skills, from mastering those tricky minutes and hours to conquering numbers and recognizing essential words.
  • Language Development Boost: Engaging prompts and playful interactions encourage expressive language and vocabulary growth. ️
  • Math Made Playful: Counting, comparing, and even basic addition, making math a joy rather than a chore.
  • Problem-Solving Prowess: Each round demands focus and quick thinking, building those vital problem-solving muscles little by little.
  • Ages 4 and Up: Perfect for preschoolers and early elementary learners, Zingo games grow with your child, offering endless hours of playful learning.

More than just games, Zingo is a celebration of early learning! Each set promises:

  • Vibrant Zingo Zinger: Kids delight in launching tiles from this exciting dispenser, adding an extra layer of fun to every round.
  • Double-Sided Zingo Cards: Choose from two difficulty levels to cater to your child’s growing skills and keep them engaged.
  • High-Quality Components: Durable game pieces and sturdy cards stand up to countless adventures, ensuring lasting fun.

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Time Telling, Sight Words, Numbers


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