Malaysia's First Personalise Handmade Busyboard By Iman

Inspired by our own son, Iman. He was only around 6 months when we started this project. He was like other babies, very active & loves to get his hand into anything. At that phase, it’s getting everything in his mouth. One time, we caught him chewing his shoe lace, another time, he switches the switch on & off.

So we decided to get a board that has everything that baby love! A magic board that can rotates, that nowhere to be found in other store ! The rotating board has a door chain, bell, wheel, switch, door bolt, shoe lace, door handle, mirror, led light & remote/calculator.


Each element is securely attached to the board that Iman will never be able to pull them off. He loves it so much! I posted in my social media & many friends are asking to do one for them. We started selling it after that. We become the first one in Malaysia to come out with a personalised board. Yes, our board comes with a name. The set also comes with a box packaging & we include a free gift card. Overall, it’s a perfect gift for your nephew, niece, your own babies, your friend’s baby!



The board is important for the development of motor skills, intelligence and imagination. It is suitable for babies and toddlers. It helps babies to learn on how to grasp, push, pull. Although it seems easy for us, but it is very crucial for babies. Our board also helps children with austism spectrum disorder to discover on functional play as we know their ability is underdeveloped in comparison to normal baby. The board is a great tool to engage your child’s focus & discover on how things work.